Other Programs


Diaper need is another stressor for unhoused mothers and fathers, as well as those who have lost income due to the fallout and loss of jobs related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Research jointly conducted by the National Diaper Bank Network and the Yale School of Medicine found that diaper need is strongly associated with maternal depression, even to a greater degree than food insecurity. Plus, diaper dermatitis, often associated with diaper need, also contributes to parental anxiety. 

Through our Dry Bottom Project program, we provide diapers, pull-ups, baby wipes, clothing, formula, and more to parents who are low-income, living on the streets, out of shelters, in halfway houses, or in transitional living centers, as well as to those parents who may have experienced a loss of or decrease in their income due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We also host our Dry Bottom Community Baby Shower twice a year. In this invitation-only event, we give mothers-in-need, who have been invited by our partner organizations, items they need for their babies, such as onesies, car seats, strollers, pack-n-plays, diapers, wipes, educational information, and so much more!



Having clean underwear to wear helps to improve the mental and physical health of women. We provide new and gently used bras as well as new panties for women experiencing homelessness or who are low-to-no-income. 

We accept referrals from organizations that serve women who have a need for these items. The potential long-term impact of our programs is improved physical and reproductive health as well as improved mental health and a restored sense of hope and dignity.  #WeAreDeliveringHope